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How to order Moulder Knives

In order to get started on your order we are going to need to know a few things from you.

Basic Contact Information:
It saves a little time and helps with clerical errors if you fax or e-mail us your:
Name/Company Name
Shipping/Mailing Address

Type of Moulder/Shaper
Basic information about your machine. Make and model#.

For Corrugated Knives
We always need to know the diameter and hook angle of the head the knives will be running in.

Send Image of Moulding or Trim (Custom Knives)
The next step is to send us an image/ cross section of the moulding you will be creating. You may trace the moulding and fax it, cut a cross section and scan & e-mail the jpeg or bmp file (preferred method) or for an exact tie-in match send us a sample in the mail to:
( 275 Tropic Tan CT., Henderson NV 89074)
When sending e-mail or faxes always send a width and thickness measurement of your drawing. These are the only measurements required but they should be done as accurately as possible and measured preferably with machinist calipers.

We'll do the rest
Remember you'll be making your purchase consulting one on one with your own moulder tooling specialist with over 30 years of experience. Don't worry about any or all of the above instructions. Making custom molding knives is our specialty. We'll be happy to thoroughly explain any part of the process and answer any questions you may have. We can also service most other cutting tools in your woodworking shop.

We'll make sure you have exactly the tool you need.

Precision Quality Knives, Fast
Moulding Knife Profiles Website Home Page