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Custom Molding Knives
Made To Order, Fast!

     At 90%, or more of the knives we grind are custom. We have the whole process down to a science. We can teach your company some super easy techniques for submitting custom moldings in a flash, and extremely accurate as well. Nor more drawing and faxing! Submit 5 custom moldings in less than a minute! Our repeatable, reliable service allows your company to quote custom jobs with confidence. Your knives will always arrive on time and they will always be perfect. We love to work with guys just setting up a new equipment line and need a little guidance. As well as industry professional with exacting demands, and precise requirements on what their knives need to be like. We are also a full service moulder tooling supplier for most millwork cutting tools.

     The quality of our knife steel and carbide is excellent. We use only the best quality corrugated high speed steel to make our knives. We have long wear grades (that actually work), along with economy grades for short runs. We buy and stock our products in bulk so we can keep our prices down, while still maintaining incredible quality.

     All of our knives are made by a "Master Grinder". Last but not least, of all the things we offer, experience is the most important. Our tooling is designed with the latest CNC/CAD equipment, expertly maintained for accuracy and trueness. We have over 30 years industry experience. One of the key features that sets us apart is that our grinder-man was also a Weinig 5-6 head setup technician for over 16 years. As a matter of fact, grinding for 5-6 industrial molders is our specialty.

     Order with confidence. Because of our simple submission system, combined with vast experience you can be assured your knives with work. We will never make a tool that exceeds your (Molders Manufactures Specifications). So you can submit any design you want. No matter how crazy! Just leave it up to Andrew to figure how to make it work on your facilities machinery. We create a company profile in the computer for each client, and keep track of every machine we service for you. After we have you set up, everything is fast and stream lined. All Guaranteed, All the Time!!

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